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Suspension training has brought a breath of fresh air to the traditional gym exercises.

Weight training has always involved the use of bulky and expensive equipment. Have gyms become the only holy temple to get access to those much-needed fitness tools? We don't think so. Suspension straps are affordable, versatile, and lightweight types of equipment perfect to develop functional strength.  

Suspension training is a form of bodybuilding which consists in exploiting the weight of your body. This type of training includes a wide variety of multi-plane movements and exercises. The goal is to simultaneously develop strength, balance, flexibility, and stability of the joints while using functional movements and dynamic positions. Suspension training is based, among other things, on the unstable nature of the positions. 

With suspension training, all you need is a little space and a great spirit of adventure. 

The device is composed of a strap folded in half, with handles at its ends. To be correctly used, the device must be anchored to a fixed point (door, tree, beam, wall, car gallery ...). The handles can be hanged with the feet or the hands. There is a wide variety of exercises derived from bodybuilding without equipment. For example, push-ups can be performed by hanging hands or feet. The difficulty is increased because the suspension device provides instability, which must be compensated for.


The numerous benefits of suspension training.

Suspension training helps you reducing body fat while tonight your muscles. It's a piece of renowned fitness equipment that has the benefit of being accessible — mostly any athlete can use it. It's also a very portable fitness tool. Bring it in the park, use it at your home, during your holiday, in your backyard, etc.

You can perform so many exercises and variations that you'll never get bored with it.

Want to know the most significant point? It's very affordable. Less than 50USD for a fitness tool that can help you train efficiently and safely, your whole body is a rare feature among fitness equipment. 

The advantage of instability

The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research conducted a study in 2014, analyzing how adding instability to exercise can help improve core muscles. Suspension training exceeded many stable exercises for the core muscles and had comparable results for steady practices involving other muscle groups, mainly the upper body.

Muscle activation

The Australian Fitness Network has analyzed the effectiveness of suspension training by EMG or electromyography, which records the amount of electrical activity created by skeletal muscles. More specifically, favorable results have been reported for muscle activation in the trunk and torso. Those who suffer from lower back pain can be better helped with suspension training. Suspension training can also improve cardiovascular health, but not as effectively as other types of exercise.

Suspension Training Health Benefits Survey

The American Council on Exercise has funded research into the health benefits of using TRX. For 6 weeks, study participants added TRX to a 60-minute exercise routine three days a week. Study participants lost fat, gained muscle, and improved their cardiovascular health.

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